My Resolution in 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Every year were gonna be gone. Now, 2009 just only the last. So, I hope in 2010 everything were gonna be perfect or better than 2009.
  • Always can be fun.
  • Always doing pray to God.
  • Can be a doctor.
  • Can be success writer.
  • Can launch my novels.
  • Entrance to class sains in grade 11.
  • Get awards in many competition.
  • Get high score in Rapor.
  • Get new AC.
  • Get new camera.
  • Get new cellular.
  • Get new clothes and dresses.
  • Get new laptop.
  • Get the best rank in class.
  • Get the enjoyable website.
  • Have new friends.
  • Make 5 short stories in holiday.
  • Make my blog look so beautiful and have many visitors (more than 1000/day) and can get money from it.
  • More than diligent.
  • More than funny.
  • More than hi-tech.
  • More than kind.
  • More than know about the real means of Die in practice.
  • More than smart.


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