Sunday, January 31, 2010

Somebody that have much money always say : you're villagers, you're alay, and many others. You know what, actually what are we say just a mirror for our self.
Sometimes, every rich girls/boys always look somebody just from their money or may be everything that can make the rich people get profit. Such as:
  1. If they are have a smart friends. They just want the smart friend to help all task and homework, or answer of question in many exam. They get inside to you, and after that they just go out without say goodbye. IF you did it, in smart people's position, you just need to feel again. Feel and after that you think why me? why they do it all to me? After you ask this question to yourself. Search the answer as quickly as you can. If you have the answer, tou can choice. You just stay in sadness day with all bad memory with the RICH or you wake up and feel oh maybe the RICH is don't have means like that maybe I am too superflous. Just choice it. If you choise the first answer, you right! And I think you can feel better. Just choice and patient!
  2. If you are feel so alone in your spot. In your new spot you feel so alone because of many rich people look so hated you. You always look so far from they. So far and differently. They people just look so kind in your face not in behind you. First : you just need to be patient and judge it just only your thought not people thought. After that, you just need adaptation. If you can do it, just go out step by step.


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